You want to see the wings unfurl, you want to hear the cry of the chorus. What happens to thumbprints when there are hundreds, when there are thousands joined together? What becomes of them?
Charles Houston — Scene 14

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Now Let Me Fly by Marcia Cebulska is available in two youth versions and a full version. Please see the information about Now Let Me Fly scripts.

Discussion Questions

Now Let Me Fly is the perfect springboard for discussion on topics such as education or changing race relations. Let everyone "take 5" after the reading, then let the conversation begin! See Discussion Questions.

Media Tips

Suggestions about how to work with your local media.

Wings From Thumbprints

Graphic: Thumbprints.Once you read the script you will see how these Wings (134 KB PDF; size 8 1/2" x 11") can be used at the end of the play.