What you are sayin' is that our colored children, my little Shirley Barbara and the rest ain't good enough to go to that nice school with the roses? They don't deserve it? Good Lord made them of cheaper cloth or something'? Isn't that what we are sayin' when we quiet about this? I ain't gonna say it no more. God did not make the Negro child out of a cheaper cloth. I will not say it.
Mrs. Sarah Bulah — Scene 9

About Marcia Cebulska, The Playwright

Marcia Cebulska's plays have been produced in New York, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Chicago, and other cities. She has been awarded the Jane Chambers International Award, the Dorothy Silver Award, three Master Artist Fellowships from the Indiana Arts Commission, two Fellowships from the Kansas Arts Commission, and grants from the Kentucky Foundation for Women.

Now Let Me Fly was written while in residence at the William Inge Center for the Arts. She has been playwright-in-residence at The University of Georgia, Mary Anderson Center for the Arts, Shenandoah Playwrights Retreat, and Marion College. She has taught playwriting at Indiana University and Independence College. Her play Florida was chosen for development at the prestigious Eugene O'Neill Center's National Playwrights Conference. Her play When The Bough Breaks was reviewed as "The Phoenix Theatre's Best Play Ever." Marcia is a member of The Dramatists Guild and Chicago Dramatists.

In a previous career as a sociologist, Marcia was project director of a race relations study in Seattle. She has had two books published and a screenplay produced. Currently, Marcia lives in Topeka, Kansas with her husband, historian Tom Prasch and their two tiger-striped cats.

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Photograph: Marcia Cebulska and Cheryl Brown Henderson.
Marcia Cebulska (left) with Cheryl Brown Henderson,
Executive Director, Brown Foundation.